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LORVER is a project which aim is to develop a production sector of non-food plant biomass by valorisation of degraded sites and industrial by-products in Lorraine.
A consortium of four companies and five laboratories from two scientific groups was formed to carry out an ambitious research program to resolve the scientific and technical locks relating to ecological engineering, biomass valorisation processes, the environmental consequences of the processes involved and the French regulatory context, which constituted an obstacle to the sector development . The main challenge of the program is to develop a ecosystemic service chains leading to sustainable redevelopment of brownfields while allowing industrial use crop productions and its promotion.
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Four plant species were selected by the consortium on the basis of a preliminary study :
- poplar (Populus sp.) for its biomass potential production used to produce energy,
- hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) and **nettle** (Urtica sp.) for their industrial use vegetable fibers production,
- Noccaea caerulescens for its metal hyperaccumulation ability.

Hyperaccumulator plant
Four biomass valorisation ways among the most promising and appropriate with the project are developed in LORVER :
- energy production (heat and electricity) by pyrolysis,
- coal production (biochar) for multiple environmental applications from the pyrolysis process,
- development of fiber materials,
- economic interest elements extraction (metals).

Hemp fibers